Move Culture

It’s what we strive to do with every challenge we take on.

A human-centric
design concept

VIDI is a design philosophy that acknowledges
the value of human individuality and operates based on
the goodness and aspirations of people.
We believe in the ability of design and communication
to achieve movement in the modern era.

Our Roster

Swift, daring, and lucky. We embrace being young.
We look forward to every challenge ahead.

Justin WuChristian ArriolaAaron AntonioJD Arriola

Justin Wu

Director of Operations

Christian Arriola

Creative VP

Christina Nguyen

Director of Communications

Aaron Antonio

Brand Strategist

J.D. Arriola

Art Director
Christina Nguyen

I See Program

Our studio doesn’t offer internships.
We facilitate worthwhile collaborations in a learning environment.
Are you a designer? Entrepreneur? Creative?
We have as much to learn from you as you can from us.
Become an interim collaborator for one of our seasonal concepts
and let’s learn by building together.

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The quickly evolving modern world is waiting for no one.
We have a whole-hearted purpose to guide
as many business owners and community leaders
through modern branding
and marketing practices as possible.

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1 + 1 = 11

One plus one can equal eleven. Share an idea with us.
We might just be the missing piece to create the perfect synergy.

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